Price Guide

Each piece of Camilla Gough jewellery is custom-made, and individually handcrafted in 18ct gold. We work closely with customers to bring their unique ideas to life, and are also able to recreate similar designs to ones shown on the website.

Please note, this is a guide only.

Prices will vary depending on the chosen gems, inclusion of hand engraving, dimensions of the handcrafted piece and complexity of the design.

All prices listed below are in AUD and are excluding GST.

Narrow band with gems18ct gold with little diamonds and coloured gems (sapphires and rubies for the toughness against everyday wear)
$4,000-$5,000 (Plus GST)
Medium width bands with gems18ct gold combining a range of smaller gems: diamonds and coloured gems
$7,000+ (Plus GST)
rye sunset ring
Medium to wide bands that are layered and combine lots of gems18ct gold with some gems larger and slightly raised
$12,000+ (Plus GST)
pink and apricot (padparadscha) sapphire ring
Solitaire and raised gem cluster rings 18ct gold using coloured gems on solitaire styled narrow bands
$12,000+ (Plus GST)
Purple Sapphire celebration dress ring Purple Sapphire celebration dress ring
Generously scaled bands with gems18ct gold with layered detail and multiple raised gems and smaller gems
$15,000+ (Plus GST)
magical diamond rockpool ring garden ring
Elaborate designs with gems18ct gold including diamonds and significant coloured gems and diamonds
$15,000+ (Plus GST)
wood grain ring
Narrow to medium width layered bands with no gems18ct gold
$6,000-$7,000 (Plus GST) *hand engraving included
potters lodge eucalyptus leaf
Wide layered bands without gems18ct gold
$7,000-$8,500 (Plus GST) *hand engraving included
gold eucalyptus leaves and gumnut ring
Hand engraving - full sleeveDetailed drawing hand engraved on the ring's inner sleeve
$1,100-$1,400 (Plus GST) *per sleeve
potters lodge eucalyptus ring potters lodge eucalyptus ring ray of sunshine ring
Hand engraving - enhancing detailsOutlines between coloured golds, leaf veins and other details enhanced with hand engraved lines
$350-$450 (Plus GST)