Inlayed and Engraved Mallee Red Gum Wedding ring



  • 18ct yellow and white gold



Inspired by exquisite elements of the botanical world.

The inlayed and engraved image on the inside of the band was taken from a sketch I did of majestic red gum trees that line a dry creek bed which runs through the small country town where his Mum grew up in Western Victoria. This wedding ring was made for a dear friend who flew me there in his tiny home built plane which we landed in a recently ploughed paddock of a family friend’s farm. It was an amazing day not only to hear the story of his Mothers family but to be in a tiny plane above the curved golden horizon of the Wimmera.


No two Camilla Gough pieces are the same. That’s the delight of custom made jewellery, where each coloured gem and diamond is unique and individually sourced for each project, and each project reflects the person we are creating it for.

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