"Camilla is such a creative, engaged, thoughtful and sensitive talent, with the ability to create modern pieces with such sentiment - she is a true gem!"


"Working with Camilla on this ring was so much fun. My favourite part was sitting down with her and choosing the gems, I walked out of there on such a high from this. Camilla is so lovely and she is so talented and passionate about what she does and her enthusiasm rubs off on you. I nicknamed my ring "Spectacular Spectacular' and even now weeks later I cannot stop looking at it. Everyone needs at least one Camilla Gough piece in their life - she's amazing and so is her jewellery."- Evelyn
"Working with Camilla was like hanging out with an old friend. She sensitively draws out your story and the essence of your soul weaving it all into stunning wearable art laced with her timeless creativity and individuality. Somehow Camilla intrinsically understood exactly what I was hoping for with my ring and not only created a wonderful piece but exceeded all my expectations crafting a piece that is treasured and worn with pride."- Sally
"Camilla Gough was an absolute pleasure to work with. We are truly honoured to have three pieces of jewellery designed by Camilla, for our family. The personalised service and bespoke designs were above and beyond what we have ever imagined. We love how each jewellery piece has been designed with our life stories entwined, that we shared with Camilla. The design journey was enjoyable and exciting. We loved being a part of the process, watching Camilla's creative journey. Camilla ensured we were happy each step of the way and it was a joy to see her sketches come to life. Camilla is a unique talented jewellery artist, who is also a warming and welcoming positive person to be around. We are always at ease to discuss anything with Camilla. She is such a visionary and could quickly interpret our thoughts into amazing design sketches. We were beyond excited to meet a jewellery designer who could share their story and knowledge of their diamonds and gems. We have learnt so much from Camilla, especially the many different coloured beautiful stunning diamonds.... (we are still dreaming about the chameleon diamond!) Thank you Camilla for your heartfelt designs and time. We appreciate and cherish each jewellery piece with love... and proudly wear everyday."- Sonya
"In my experience Camilla really listens to her clients and understands what they are trying to achieve. She is so creative and really thinks outside the square when putting forward her thoughts. The jewellery Camilla has made for us has always been delivered on time and has always been above our expectations once completed."- Simon
"Camilla has a way of transforming elements of your story into truly exquisite pieces of wearable art. Her designs are adventurous and craftsmanship faultless, resulting in comment-worthy original creations. I have commissioned two pieces from Camilla and thoroughly the process each time. She is a delight to work with and the results have been unexpectedly breathtaking. I’m looking forward to working with her again for my 10th anniversary ring next year."- Deborah
"Our first contact with Camilla was during lockdown, although I’d been following her on Instagram for a while. Camilla had a spectacular padparadsha sapphire which started this whole journey together. I had a BIG birthday coming up, so initially through emails and phone calls Camilla managed to prize out little snippets of information about what I liked and came up with the incredible apricot rose. During the whole process I felt like an excited child waiting for emails and messages with updates on progress. It was all such an enjoyable experience and I count myself very lucky to have found Camilla to make this work of art for me. She is a very talented and lovely lady and I still can’t stop admiring my ring!"- Sarah
"Bryce thought it was important to create the engagement ring of Jess' dreams so he searched high and low for the perfect bespoke jeweller. Bryce really loved how Camilla took the time to learn about his story with Jess and to get to know her style and likes/dislikes. Camilla was very patient and ensured that the journey of creating the rings was an enjoyable and rewarding one. Jess loves that so much time, thought and care went in to creating the rings and that no one else has anything like it. She loves admiring the tonally different gems, which are ever changing in different light, and the different segments of coloured gold. People always comment on how beautiful and unique the set is and say that they've never seen anything like it."- Jess and Bryce
"I had admired Camilla’s work for some time, and was so excited to have her design both my engagement ring and our wedding rings. From the get go, Camilla was warm and welcoming, eager to understand us and the bond that joined us, in order to help us design rings to wear and enjoy forever. She came with many suggestions, while trying to get to the essence of us as a couple. She exudes creativity, with absolutely impeccable technical skills. I am continually amazed as I follow her work and the stunning designs she creates. On top of this, Camilla is an absolute joy to be around. We have so enjoyed every interaction with her, including follow up visits to catch up and have our rings polished to new, and having her design some beautiful jewellery to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I recall, not long after receiving my gorgeous engagement ring, being on a train in Stockholm, with a man sitting opposite me who kept staring at me. I felt a bit uncomfortable, wondering why he was staring. Then, after some 10 minutes he asked me, in English, about the ring “Are those rubies in your ring?” he asked. I replied “yes they are. And yellow and pink diamonds”. He replied “that is beautiful. I am a jeweller and have never seen anything like that.” I held out my hand so that he could look at the ring. He admired it and said “that is gorgeous. You are going to have a beautiful life”. Then he stood up. And exited the train. It was such a surreal, beautiful, and powerful moment that will stay with me forever. As will the absolute enjoyment of wearing Camilla’s pieces. "- Natalie