Ring Sizing information

How your ring fits you is such a personal thing – some people prefer a looser fit, whereas others prefer it to be quite tight. When a person is sized by a jeweler, they are looking for a ring that will have a bit of resistance when going on over the knuckle with a bit of movement or spin once its sitting on the base of the finger. Ultimately though, they are guided by you and what feels comfortable to you.

There are many different ring sizing systems used worldwide. camillagough works with standard Australian sizes, we can however convert any supplied ring size to a standard Australian ring size. If you are unsure of your ring size, please contact us and we will take you through the process of obtaining your ring size in more detail.


Ordering a ring from the online shop

You will be required to provide a standard ring size for ordering a ring from the online shop.  Don’t be alarmed if you’re planning on presenting a ring as a surprise and you don’t have a ring size! Rings purchased from The Store section of the camillagough website can be exchanged and remade in the correct size, provided the ring has not been worn or show any wear at all.  Please refer to our exchange policy for more information on requesting a different sized ring.  Every piece is made to order so anticipate 3-4 weeks to fulfill the exchange process.  The size of camillagough rings from the online store can be altered.  Please contact us if you wish your ring size to be altered.


Ordering a custom made ring

For the ring to be a perfect fit we require an accurate ring size.  If the person receiving the ring isn’t able to attend our workshop we need you to provide us the correct ring size that corresponds to the intended finger it will be worn.  We can change the size of our rings however we aim for a perfect fit to avoid the inconvenience and cost of adjusting the size.  A custom made ring is a unique design made especially for you so we will not exchange a custom made ring, instead we will alter the size of the ordered ring.


Please note that rings of the same size may have a slightly different fit depending on their design. Top heavy rings may feel a little looser as the weight of the top of the ring will cause it to spin around the finger. Whereas wider rings will feel a little tighter due to the increased surface area on the finger. We will discuss the specifics of your ring size at the time of your order.