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Commissioning jewellery from our workshop

Having a piece of jewellery designed and handcrafted especially for you is a wonderful experience, from the consultation to the finished piece and the resulting lifetime of jewellery-joy.

All craftspeople approach commissions to suits their individual making style, and for me I work as an artist, so I design for you, which means, although I love input, I don’t make a presented design that isn’t mine. It begins with me listening to your story and finding out what the piece represents, and trust me, I love a back story.

Every piece is individually designed with motifs of your story sensitively woven through the detail. It can be abstract or pictorial and sometimes it is just instilled in the memory of our conversations that provides meaning to the final object.

My workshop will take great care with all aspects of the commissioning process, nothing is pushed upon you or hurried, we want you to enjoy the experience as much as we do.

Ideas are hand drawn and I am super easy going with feedback because the finished piece needs to be perfect for you. The design stage is thorough because once construction in gold has begun, we prefer not to turn back! I regularly make and ship silver samples of the intended design to ensure you are comfortable with the scale and size; it also helps us visualise a form.

Sourcing gems are our jam. I have completed practical diamond grading and advanced practical diamond grading at GAA and I love finding and designing pieces around rare coloured diamonds. A well cut crisp white diamond is icy white but colour is subjective, and we work with natural gems so they need to sourced and viewed as there are many aspects to consider around purchasing a beautiful coloured gem or diamond, and we have the experience and contacts to undertake such a purchase. Trust is paramount and it is a feature of our workshop that we take very seriously.

Many of our wonderful customers live interstate and around the globe so we have lots of experience working remotely relying primarily on email as (unsurprisingly, if you follow our IG) I like to write… All our customers are brought along the creation journey.

Lilian and I are here to answer questions so never hesitate to get in touch, we’re all ears.