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Jess and Bryce — wedding feature

Jess and Bryce are a super gorgeous couple who commissioned their wedding and engagement rings through Camilla. It was such a fun and joyous process working with them, we decided to ask them a few questions about how they found the process, and any advice to lovers out there thinking of doing the same!


Your engagement ring is made up of Australian sapphires and champagne diamonds. Can you tell us how you and Camilla came up with the design?


Jess has always loved the colour blue and Bryce knew it was important to incorporate it somehow into the ring, so parti sapphires were a natural choice. When Bryce met with Camilla, she had the wonderful idea of pairing the sapphires with champagne diamonds to really make the sapphires pop and add an extra dimension to the ring.



Your wedding band is super colourful and fun. Can you tell us a bit about it?


Jess had a lot of fun designing her wedding band with Camilla. It has the prettiest selection of gems in it, including different tones of pink, teal and yellow sapphires paired with champagne and white diamonds. The wedding band compliments the engagement ring beautifully, but it is also unique in its own right with the added colours of pink and yellow which didn’t feature in the engagement ring.



Had you ever commissioned a piece of jewellery before? How did you find the process?


No never! Bryce thought it was important to create the engagement ring of Jess’ dreams so he searched high and low for the perfect bespoke jeweller. Bryce really loved how Camilla took the time to learn about his story with Jess and to get to know her style and likes/dislikes. Camilla was very patient and ensured that the journey of creating the rings was an enjoyable and rewarding one.

What’s your favourite thing about wearing your wedding jewellery?
Jess loves that so much time, thought and care went in to creating the rings and that no one else has anything like it. She loves admiring the tonally different gems, which are ever changing in different light, and the different segments of coloured gold. People always comment on how beautiful and unique the set is and say that they’ve never seen anything like it.
Do you have any advice for someone thinking about choosing an engagement ring?
Our advice would be to strongly consider designing the ring with a jeweller that matches the couple’s personality. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to reflect on your relationship journey and thoughtfully consider what your partner would love. It might involve some harder decision but the end result and your partner’s elation at receiving the ring is absolutely worth it! 
Thank you Jess and Bryce for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Photos of the wedding were taken by Miranda Stokkel, wedding dress designed by Holly Butler, and flowers were from Babiana Botanic.