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Making the Diamond Moon Cockatoo Island wedding ring

A brightly vivacious, highly intelligent and generous woman, ensured the design and making experience of this complex and beautiful wedding ring was a bundle of enthusiastic joy.

The couple’s spiritual home is by the ocean (where they married) and I wanted the ring to feel like rhythms of the sea with a full moon diamond casting a shadow on the water.

He proposed on Cockatoo island, so half the island is engraved on hers and the other half on his so placing their wedding bands together the island becomes whole.



​I laughed a lot with this gorgeous and gregarious pair, with the stop-start of last year and a re-scheduled wedding we had a bit of time to consider the design and I think you can see the maturity of the elements as a result of the extended design time.



It gave me a chance to get to know them and witness their absolute devotion. They married a whisker before the year closed, which made my heart sing. I know the ring will be worn well and loved dearly.