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Shoreham Wattle rings

Shoreham wattle rings are a beautiful  trio of rings celebrating 25yrs of marriage and school graduation of a bright young lady.


I wanted the design to transport each wearer to the familiar beach sounds and smells of their beloved family holiday house; a place that anchor the hearts of a very clever and wonderful family separated by fabulous opportunities that come to astute humans.



The detail wrapping each ring depicts the coastline and the inside sleeve is emblazoned with a hand engraved drawing of the unruly wattle bloom that grows untamed around the house.



By chance his and her rings were a similar size, so for their rings I cut the inner bands from the same piece of engraved gold cloth, so the engraved drawing side by side, line up, like a good marriage.



The design dually holds the shoreline geographically and the detailed layered, stepped edges on the rings reflect the rippled, sandy sea edge seen under the toes of their runners, hopping over clumps of seaweed on evening walks with their dogs.



Hand engraving by Ray @londonengraver